Kiln and dryer

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German Kiln Technology GmbH (H.E.R.O KILNS) is an international specialist &manufacturer for kilns in advanced & technical ceramic markets. H.E.R.O KILNS has joined the market bringing with it a tradition of competence and skill.H.E.R.O KILNS engineers with over 40 years of experience and know-how in the ceramic industry can focus all of its capabilities towards the development of outstanding solutions for the sophisticated requirements of its client sin the complex market of technical & advanced ceramics.

We provide turnkey solutions for continuous and intermittent kilns, the technology of high-temperature thermo processing, computerized control and automation technology for your products.Working with our customers we find solutions which correspond exactly to their requirements. While unravelling the details, one has the potential to unearth ideas that result in revolutionary advancement. We consider our customers as partners-in-business and believe this to be the basis of your and our success.

The H.E.R.O KILNS range of continuous & intermittent kilns is extensive e.g.:



Tunnel kiln to 1850°C
Roller hearth kilnto 1650°C
Belt conveyor kilnto 1100°C
Pusher plate kilnto 1800°C


Shuttle kiln               –to 1850°C
Chamber hearth kiln – to 1850°C
Bell type kiln– to 1850°C
Lifting hearth kiln– to 1850°C