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RHO Group of companies

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RHO group an international group of  companies

Weifang Natesh Impex Limited – China – Head office

Weifang Heaven-sent New Materials Technology Co., Ltd

Rana Hong Kong Limited – Hong Kong 

GRM Engineers Pvt Ltd- Halol – Gujarat – India – Business partner of our Indian projects.

NSK Tech International Trader Tamil Nadu– India

Sri Pooja Lanka Private Limited – Sri Lanka

Established in the year 2003 have business operation in Hong Kong, China, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Tanzania,Togo and Iran, for manufacturing and marketing of

1: Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain tiles machinery and materials Turnkey Project, 

2: Kilns – Roller kilns, Tunnel kiln , Shuttle kilns for Ceramic membrane, High Alumina Ceramic filter disk up to 1800C,Color Pigments calcination,Glass and Ceramic mosaic kilns,Refractory Brick kilns,Glass and Ceramic frite kilns, Cement Rotary kilns.

3: Dryers: Multi layer Horizontal dryers for ceramic tiles, Clay bricks, Refractory bricks. Tunnel and Chamber dryers for ceramic tiles, Clay bricks, Refractory bricks,

Fast Barna Dryer & Chain dryer for Clay bricks.   

4: Refractory Bricks and Castables machinery and materials Turnkey Project 

5: Clay Brick & Cement brick machines & Turnkey Project, Building construction and Mining machineries & materials

6: Textile Weaving Looms – Rapier looms, Water Jet and Air Jet looms, Textile Fabrics, all kinds of Yarns. Raw Cotton and materials. 


RHO group associated with “Hongda construction machines Co. ltd and Shandong University” one of Government of China Company”  for manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Building construction industries and Textile machines & materials.


RHO group- an International trader / supplier of Industrial chemicals, packing materials, Agro products, Oil and Gas.

The strengths of both sides of the business within the application of innovative technology and market strategy, the well-established position the group holds on international market with annual turnover 75 to 100 million US$ and its commitment to research in order to ensure consistent top quality products and service to the client.

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RHO Group of companies established and solely maintained By Mr. Natesh CMD –  Ceramic Engineer / Technologist & MBA Business professional- Associated with  Sacmi Italy – World leader of Ceramic Tiles, and Packing Industry Italy installed many Ceramic Tiles and Red Clay Bricks projects around the world” with more than 43 Years industrial and marketing experience in Italy, Hongkong, China, Russia, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Tanzania, Togo, Ghana and Iran etc.

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    Technology Create Value And Quality Wins The Market
    A flexible and efficient organization able to design and put into practice the most recent innovations as well as provide unbeatable service in any part of the world

    Rhlg group and it is associates received ISO 9001 certification in 1996, ISO 14001 certification in 1999 and OHSAS18001 in 2002

    Rhlg group and its social responsibility, a global commitment.
    The code of ethics is the formal statement of the organization’s values, beliefs and professional conduct, already strongly embedded in Rhlg’s culture, which activities both inside and outside of Rhlg and other companies of the group adopt and must continue to adopt.
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